There’s nothing like a nice strait to the point blog with great fat blasting tips!  Here I want to give you 7 great ones that will help anyone look there best!

1.  Keep your liver happy!  You may not know but it’s your liver that is responsible for fat metabolism, and if your liver is working over time because of alcohol and or foods with lots of ingredients that our body does’nt need, than you will store fat.  If you eat lots of whole foods, keep your portion size right, and drink lots of water, than your body will flush and burn that fat!  Here’s a tip within a tip.. start the day with fresh squeezed lemon in warm water,. Its great for cleaning out the liver!

2. Work those legs!  Muscle burns fat… big muscles burn more fat!  Legs are the biggest muscles on our body, so if you work them, then do cardio..  you can go ahead and call yourself a fat burning machine!

3. Walking on an empty stomach!  While your blood sugar level is at it’s lowest, thats when you want to do low intensity work.  We burn the most fat when at rest or during low intensity work.  Keep it low intensity but long duration and watch your belly shrink!

4. Carbs and Protein after a workout!  You need both carbs and protein to refuel after a workout.  If you do not get enough than your muscles wont develop and recover properly.  Remember, muscles burn fat, so if they are happy, your gut will shrink!

5.  Yes it’s true that crunches don’t burn much fat, but it is very important to work abs.  Even if your not burning many calories, you are toning and tightening your stomach.  A good ab routine will help flatten out your mid section.  For a really poppin 6 pac, add weight to your ab workout!

6.  Add grapefruit, cinnamon, apple sauce, green tea, and greek yogurt to your diet.  These foods help increase fat metaolism and or lower blood sugar level .  Low blood sugar level equals more burning of fat!

7.  Go to bed on empty stomach!  Not only do you burn lots of fat while your asleep, but if you go to bed on an empty stomach you will increase your bodies HGH which will have you sleep better, burn more fat, and feel younger and refreshed!


I hope these 7 tips will help you achieve your weight loss goals!  Keep checking back here at the Los Angeles Bootcamp for more info and also check out my Los Angeles Personal Trainer site HollywoodFitness.Biz

Written on June 27th, 2012 , Top Blog Posts

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