The Right Attitudes to Achieve Your Goals

If you want to be truly successful in how you achieve your goals, then you need to harbor the right habits and attitudes that will keep you on track. There are a number of good traits you have to keep for life to discover that more opportunities and good things are bound to happen, if only you allow these.
Here are some of the features that great people had. Being Industrious Hard work always pays off. There is no single famous individual person in history who achieved several goals in life without working it off. Being industrious means working harder than anyone else, studying more than anyone else and even suffering more than anyone else. You have to understand the importance of delayed gratification as you work towards your ultimate goal. To begin hard work, you can begin by fixing your schedule, writing down tasks and functions of the day and finding the right people and resources that can assist you. Keep in mind that you have to be as independent as possible to finish more in the long term.

Discipline and Consistency
Discipline is what separates the leaders from the followers. If you truly want to make changes in your life, you have to understand doing things even if you do not want to at times, and maintaining excellent quality and optimum performance each time. Being consistent is intertwined with patience, wherein you continue performing well, regardless of the situations and hindrances, to render the results you want in the end. Discipline and consistency are also interrelated, in the sense that discipline breeds consistency. If you continue practicing good habits and sticking to the functions that lead to your main goal, you will find it easier to do over time. You will change as an entire person and experience the opportunities that come with being dedicated.

Problems are a part of every man’s life, but it is the resilient person who always prevails and achieves their goals. You need to learn from your past mistakes and convert these into more productive actions the next time. Learn to pick yourself up after each fall and put in double effort to become better. Some of the most successful people, as well as those who truly left a mark in history are known to have faced big difficulties and resentment before they let others understand their own way of doing things.

You need to stay positive about your situation, regardless of the problems that you face. It is vital that you stay optimistic and always believe that you will get to your goal, no matter what. If you tell yourself that you will reach it sooner, chances are you will. It might help to believe in the powers of the Universal Law of Attraction which draws opportunities toward you just the way you intend to, and in the right intensity as you desired.

Some goals are very big and will take time to accomplish. Do not allow yourself to think that some goals are just too huge to be possible. Be specific and set goals that are attainable to your current situation and start working to achieve these. You can break it down into smaller tasks that are much easier to do within the given time frame that you have.

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No matter what your fitness level is, male or female, no matter what your fitness goals are, you must have the proper knowledge and plan to reach those goals!  If you are one of those people who think showing up to the gym a few times a week, hitting those body parts you want to see changed, and doing some cardio and crunches is going to get you results, you are sadly mistaken.  Even when you have been handed a workout that has been proven to get results may temporarily get you some results, in the long run, it will not get you to your goals.

You have to know about and what is muscle confusion, and the difference between full body workouts and split body workouts.  You need to have a lot of knowledge in Nutrtion and Healthy Dieting.  You have to know when to switch up your routine and how to track your progress.  You have to know the difference in working out your legs and doing cardio, and how often you should do certain things such as cardio.  There is so much to know!!

Having your own personal trainer for a while can and will save you hours upon hours of your own research and reading and learning and experimenting.  But if you share our love for knowledge in health and fitness, and want to see your body transformed, then you will some how obtain this knowledge and practice it into your lifestyle.

One day this website will share all the knowledge you can possibly want about how to reach your goals as fast as possible, but I can only blog this info as fast as I can.  It’s all up in my head and I love to share it, and I love keeping up with new breakthroughs in the Fitness world and sharing them wit has many people as possible.  Please feel free to contact me with questions.

I beg of you.. 2012 is just around the corner and we all know about New Years Resolutions.  Please do not be one of those people who have a strong desire to change but little to no knowledge on how to do it.  The other problem I see besides not knowing what to do is over training.   I had the pleasure of working at one of the countries best gyms, Equinox of West Hollywood for almost two years where I saw some of the most in shape people in the world, but I also witnessed the sad occurrence of people spending too much time in the gym doing the same routines and seeing no results.  I saw some people in the gym 2 to 3 times a day, sometimes almost all day and they still couldn’t burn that stubborn fat.  Then there were others who were in and out of the gym in and hour and had amazing bodies.

Knowledge and a plan is what seperated the two types of people.  A personal trainer’s job is to take the thinking  and research out of it for you and teach you as you go while tracking progress for you.   I run the Los Angeles Bootcamp and I make sure everyone knows that the boot camp is not enough to get you to your goals.  It handles the workout part of it, but the nutrtion part of it is just as important.

If you become a member of The Los Angeles Bootcamp and or become a one on one private client of mine, I will make sure you have the knowledge and the know how to plan your way to your perfect body!  If neither of these are for you, please feel free to keep checking back for I will keep blogging and blogging as much info as  I can possibly share.  Now if you are interested, please feel free to contact me now at The Los Angeles Bootcamp.

I had mentioned some things about muscle confusion, full body workouts, split body workouts, nutrition and dieting in the beggining of this blog.  I will cover all of these topics and many more in blogs to come.  Keep checking back wit hus here at The Los Angeles Bootcamp.

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7 Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

 1. More Time Efficient and Effective workouts!

 2. Faster Results!

3. Increase of knowledge in Training and Nutrition!

4.  Motivation and Program Keeping brings higher rate of success!

 5. To have someone to correct form, spot you, and to push you through barriers is a key to reaching your full potential!

6. No need for a gym membership!

7. Higher probability of keeping the body you’ve worked so hard
to get!

It doesn’t matter if you want to build muscle or loss fat or you’re simply looking to take steps towards great health, fish oil is a supplement you definitely should add to your daily diet. There aren’t many supplements that offer as many benefits as fish oil does,  it’s almost certain you will benefit from it.

What is Fish Oil

Fish oil is a form of fatty acid that comes from the tissues of oily fish. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

People who Consume A High Amount Of Fatty Fish
Probably Do Not To Need To Supplement With Fish Oil.

1. Helps maintain Healthy Cholesteral

      One of the main benefits of  fish oil is a healthier blood cholesterol profile. Whether you are currently suffering from cardiovascular disease or are at an increased risk of suffering from this condition, adding three to six grams of fish oil a day can help promote better ratio’s between HDL and LDL as well as lower the levels of triacylglycerol concentrations in the body.

Fish oil as well as eating a diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables you will be putting up your best guard against heart problems developing.

2. Good For Bones

Studies have been done on the benefits of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid intakes have on the bone density and calcium balance in menopausal women and have shown that those who take higher levels have healthier bones and decreased occurrences of stress fractures or other bone conditions.  Bone health has been linked to being sure you’re getting enough calcium in your diet regularly, but after that’s been looked after, its wise to start paying attention to your fish oil consumption habits.  It’s important that you’re getting a good ratio of n-6 to n-3 fatty acids in the body as if you aren’t that can actually put you at a higher risk for a lower bone mineral density.

3. Helps in Cancer Prevention

Another benefit to taking fish oil capsules regularly is that they help protect you against a variety of forms of cancer.

Eating plenty of antioxidants through fruits and vegetables is one of the best ways to offset the damage by free radicals, however fish oil also offers protection.

A study looked at fish oil consumption compared with animal fat consumption and found that fish oil can help to safeguard the negative effects of animal fat on the body tissues.

Eating a diet high in saturated fat puts you at a higher risk for a number of diseases, working on eliminating animal fat from your diet is important, but since its unrealistic to assume you will cut out all sources of animal fat, taking fish oil is a good idea.

4. Helps with Mood Disorders

So many people are filled with processed foods and aren’t getting enough quality nutrition coming in to support a healthy system, which adds to stress build-up that tends to set mood disorders off.

Fish oil consumption helps to increase serotonin in the body, which is termed the ‘feel good’ hormone which is what puts you in a relaxed and peaceful state.

By supplementing with fish oil you will naturally improve your own serotonin release in the body, which will keep your emotions on a steadier keel, aiding to prevent depressive symptoms from occurring.

5. Overall Health Benefits
Adding fish oil to your diet helps make you a healthier person on the inside and out.  By your inner parts running smoother and being maintained at healthy levels, this will show on the outside.  Healthy looking skin is a great benefit to takeing fish oil and is a good sign of what it is doing on the inside of your body.  A persons lifestyle is seen on their face and by getting the benefits of fish oil on the inside, it will show on the outside!
So in conclusion, fish oil does a body good!   To receive constant tips and advice like this, come see me at The Los Angeles Bootcamp where we stay in the know and on top of  Los Angeles fitness!

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