Amazing Overlooked Fat Blasting Weight Loss tip!

While you seek to be at your full potential and acquire that PERFECT BODY by burning fat and dropping that BMI and toning up, I am seeking to become the BEST TRAINER IN LA.

Today I give you an amazing fat burning tip that has a 100% success rate with all of my clients.  I’m sorry but this is not a quick fix or an easy way out, but it is The Truth. You will have to put in some work, but it’s totaly worth the time and effort and you will LOSE WEIGHT FAST.  Instead of wasting another hour at the gym and not seeing results, start seeing a return on your invested time right now!

We all know that in order to lose weight you have to burn the calories you consume right?  Well lets just assume your’e doing your best and eating healthy for the most part.  How do you BURN THE MOST CALORIES DURING A WORKOUT? It’s all about WORKING OUT THE LEGS!! Yes cardio is great, but it’s even better and burns even more calories when done on legs that have just performed weight resistant exercises! Weight lifting is great and builds muscle and muscle burns fat and calories, but what part of the body burns the most fat and calories? You got it.. its the legs!!  The best part is that you don’t always need the gym to work those legs extremely well.  You cna do it in your living room if you wanted! If you do some  body weight squats, some walking lunges, some squat jumps and lunge shuffles, your are going to tire out those legs very quickly and burn a ton of calories. Now go do some cardio, I promise you will burn calories faster than a Hummer burns Gas. Not only that, but there is an after burn effect to working your legs with weight resistance. That means you continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate even while resting for up to 48 hours sometimes!

So why dont people work their legs?? Becuase it hurts!  But thats only at first. Learn to love the pain and accept that the more it hurts the more results you are going to see and you will be looking great in no time. I personally before becoming a personal trainer lost 30 lbs in 2 months by working out my legs and running afterwards. It works trust me. 100% of my clients get results.

Check back  The Los Angeles Bootcamp for more tips on BURNING FAT, WEIGHT LOSS, MUSCLE BUILDING, and GETTING THAT PERFECT BODY!!


No matter what your fitness level is, male or female, no matter what your fitness goals are, you must have the proper knowledge and plan to reach those goals!  If you are one of those people who think showing up to the gym a few times a week, hitting those body parts you want to see changed, and doing some cardio and crunches is going to get you results, you are sadly mistaken.  Even when you have been handed a workout that has been proven to get results may temporarily get you some results, in the long run, it will not get you to your goals.

You have to know about and what is muscle confusion, and the difference between full body workouts and split body workouts.  You need to have a lot of knowledge in Nutrtion and Healthy Dieting.  You have to know when to switch up your routine and how to track your progress.  You have to know the difference in working out your legs and doing cardio, and how often you should do certain things such as cardio.  There is so much to know!!

Having your own personal trainer for a while can and will save you hours upon hours of your own research and reading and learning and experimenting.  But if you share our love for knowledge in health and fitness, and want to see your body transformed, then you will some how obtain this knowledge and practice it into your lifestyle.

One day this website will share all the knowledge you can possibly want about how to reach your goals as fast as possible, but I can only blog this info as fast as I can.  It’s all up in my head and I love to share it, and I love keeping up with new breakthroughs in the Fitness world and sharing them wit has many people as possible.  Please feel free to contact me with questions.

I beg of you.. 2012 is just around the corner and we all know about New Years Resolutions.  Please do not be one of those people who have a strong desire to change but little to no knowledge on how to do it.  The other problem I see besides not knowing what to do is over training.   I had the pleasure of working at one of the countries best gyms, Equinox of West Hollywood for almost two years where I saw some of the most in shape people in the world, but I also witnessed the sad occurrence of people spending too much time in the gym doing the same routines and seeing no results.  I saw some people in the gym 2 to 3 times a day, sometimes almost all day and they still couldn’t burn that stubborn fat.  Then there were others who were in and out of the gym in and hour and had amazing bodies.

Knowledge and a plan is what seperated the two types of people.  A personal trainer’s job is to take the thinking  and research out of it for you and teach you as you go while tracking progress for you.   I run the Los Angeles Bootcamp and I make sure everyone knows that the boot camp is not enough to get you to your goals.  It handles the workout part of it, but the nutrtion part of it is just as important.

If you become a member of The Los Angeles Bootcamp and or become a one on one private client of mine, I will make sure you have the knowledge and the know how to plan your way to your perfect body!  If neither of these are for you, please feel free to keep checking back for I will keep blogging and blogging as much info as  I can possibly share.  Now if you are interested, please feel free to contact me now at The Los Angeles Bootcamp.

I had mentioned some things about muscle confusion, full body workouts, split body workouts, nutrition and dieting in the beggining of this blog.  I will cover all of these topics and many more in blogs to come.  Keep checking back wit hus here at The Los Angeles Bootcamp.

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