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The responsibility of a person that is blessed by God is to be a blessing to others.  The responsibility of a person who has been granted salvation is to share their testimony and spread the Good News about the Kingdom of God.

God is a Spirit and he is King of all Creations seen and unseen.  His Kingdom is a Kingdom of righteousness and Holiness for He is the Source of all Holiness.  Here on earth, kingdoms have been established that oppose God’s Holiness and righteousness.  Sin is the word that describes anything that is in opposition to God’s perfect Holiness.  Unfortunately by one man’s actions (Adam) we have all inherited the tendency to sin and the Bible says that we all sin no matter how good you think you are.  Now any sinner (which is all of us), is UNFIT for the Kingdom of God which the Bible says not only rules in Heaven, but will also rule here on earth one day.  If we all have sinned and are sinners, how then do we become a part of the Kingdom of God?

Well it’s true that God hates sin, but he does not hate sinners.  He loves us!! He created us to have a loving relationship with him so personal with each and every one of us that we can’t help but feel so blessed and amazing and good that the King of all Creations knows and LOVES us personally!  But because of sin, we are not a part of His Kingdom, and do not feel his Love in our lives.  Since his Love for us is still there and very real, he had to do something about sin and get rid of it for good.

The Bible says that the price of sin is death, and to justify sin, there must be death.  In Judaism, perfectly healthy and unspotted lambs were sacrificed as atonement for their sin and for only a short time in history was able to keep Jews inside the Blessings and Protection of the Kingdom of God.  But God has love for everyone, Jews and Gentiles.

Jesus the Christ was sent not only to preach the Kingdom of God, but since he was not born of Adam’s seed but of the Holy Spirit through his mother Mary a Virgin, he was that unspotted sinless lamb that was to be sacrificed for the sins of the entire world.  Jesus laid down his life at the tender age of 33 in obedience to the Father the King and Creator of the Universe so that whoever believes in him will have instant and complete forgiveness of sins and therefore enter into the Kingdom of God!  Not by our works can we earn God’s love or earn our way into his Kingdom, but by simply confessing that we are sinners in need of a perfect sacrifice or in other words a Savior do we then receive the GIFT of eternal life inside the Kingdom of God.

I was raised Jewish, but at the age of 24 I had had enough of feeling hopeless and feeling like I was living in darkness.  I believe it was the Holy Spirit which led me to read the New Testament where I learned what Jesus was really all about, what he really said, and what he really did.  The day I got down on my knees and confessed to God that I am a sinner, and accepted that Jesus died in my place as my Savior, I cannot tell you how many changes I began to see in my life.  It was like someone turned the LIGHT on in my life and I began to see things for what they really are and began to shed the things in my life holding me back from Peace and Joy.  I still to this day am being worked on and transformed from the inside out for it is a process.

Jesus said that HE IS THE LIGHT, and THE TRUTH that was turned on inside of me.  Now I have the LIGHT (or JESUS) dwelling inside of me and my job is to share this light with others!  That is why I made sure to create this Gospel Section.

For anyone feeling hopeless or in the dark, for anyone who knows in their heart that life is much more than working and making money and sex and feeling good temporarily, but it is meant to be lived with Eternal Peace and Joy with God in his Kingdom,  I ask that you please consider reading the New Testament for yourself.

Know that Jesus died for you!  If you are the only one in the world to believe in him, he still would have died just for you!  I share a great relationship with Jesus for I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me.  I now am a citizen of the Kingdom of God and have had so many blessings and have been able to bless so many others since that day I got down on my knees.  It’s called the Living River of Life and it is meant to flow abundantly through us into others and each other.  For my heart is so filled with love and gratitude that I created this section to share this Truth with as many people as possible.  I pray that this has been a blessing to you and will help you see things for how they really are and that you are meant to be a citizen of the one and only Kingdom of God!  God loves you and once you feel that love, hold on to it and share it at the same time! AMEN!

Written on November 30th, 2011

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